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Tinto Brass Miranda

A comedy about a lonely tavern owner, Miranda (Serena Grandi), who decides to find a new lover after her husband does not return from the war. She dishes out her hospitality to travellers and locals who frequent the tavern in a bid to find the right man for marriage. The film is set in the backdrop of World War II in a rural Italian village where the lazy town life is spiced up by the antics of the rather liberated Miranda.

Despite being a sex comedy, Miranda is still very much a woman with strong emotions and desires for a loving relationship and peaceful life with a suitable man. It shows the life and hunger for love of a mature woman whose exploits was a means of gauging prospective suitors while still enjoying the carnal pleasures of a woman at her sexual peak.

Miranda was another successful Tinto Brass film but many argued that Brass pushed the boundaries of softcore erotica with the sex scenes. Despite the initial lukewarm reception, Miranda became another Tinto Brass hit without relying strongly on fantasy and gratuitous consensual sex that sometimes bordered on rape. For Brass fans looking for young faces and meaningless sex at every turn, Miranda may disappoint as it explores a mature woman's thirst for love and a meaningful relationship while enjoying her sexual freedom at this stage of her life.

Tinto Brass's trademark direction and fetishes are plentiful in the film but for those seeking a more racy narrative, the film may reveal a subject matter that many may not feel is typical Tinto Brass. Nevertheless Miranda, like many of Tinto Brass's later films, explores the psyche of the character, their motivations and emotions, without making the lead character just another pawn in a fantasy setting with an underlying meaning.