Tinto Brass Feature Films

  • Salon Kitty


    Based on Peter Norden's book of the same name, Salon Kitty was a fictional account of the activities and antics of the Nazi elite at an infamous Berlin brothel.  

  • The Howl


    A disturbing emphasis on anti-war sentiment captured in a surreal portrayal of the horrors of war, intermingled with sex and fantasy.  

  • Black Angel


    This differs from his previous works where the actors were seen as part of an unfolding story in the psyche of one or more characters, or even of Brass himself.  


Brass's career was not an easy rise to fame. His first film Chi lavora e perduto, also known as In Capo al Mondo, sparked as much controversy as his later works but not for the erotic content. Rather it questioned the socially accepted institutions of the time.Learn more…